The Hill Group

Building legacies.

The Hill Group name is synonymous with the finest custom homes in Vero’s most prestigious communities. We’ve earned that reputation by doing things differently.

Our Story.

The finest craftsmanship in one-of-a-kind homes and a passion for excellence have been the building blocks of The Hill Group’s success since day one. But we do not succeed alone.  The Hill Group thrives on developing a team approach where the client, architect, designer, and The Hill Group work collaboratively to transform the design vision into a living reality. The Hill Group believes that each project’s success is built on personal relationships, transparency, and an uncompromising drive to meet expectations. It is through teamwork that excellence is realized.


We operate with four core principles that set us apart:

Quality, Consistency, Integrity, Transparency.






The Foundation.



A Hill Group-built home is the work of many talented individuals. We distinguish ourselves by the experience and breadth of the skilled craftspeople we employ. We stand alone in not having to depend on a loose collection of subcontractors with varying levels of skill and expertise. We hire only the best craftsmen in each craft specialty and give them the tools and support to do their best work.



When you’re building a one-of-a-kind signature home, you shouldn’t have to hold your breath to get results that take your breath away. At The Hill Group, experience runs deep — our employees average 20 years of experience and many have been with us for over a decade. That kind of experience and loyalty delivers the highest quality, again and again.



Neither quality nor consistency would be possible in our company — or any company for that matter — without integrity as a founding principle. Integrity is who we are, even when no one is watching. It’s at the core of our decision making, our interaction with colleagues, and our service to our clients. It is what makes us good listeners, good builders and good people to work with.



Transparency is yet another defining trait that sets us apart. We operate on a “cost plus” basis, sharing with our clients the costs involved in all aspects of a project, from the bid process through billing. As a company that conducts business with other businesses, we trust that we are being treated fairly, but we also verify. We believe our clients have that same right, as well. 

Quality. Consistency. Integrity. Transparency.

3880 39th Square, Vero Beach, FL 32960

LIC# CGC 1530587

Telephone (772) 567-9154
Facsimile (772) 778-7987

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