Q: I'm contemplating building a custom home. What is the best way to go to contract?

A: Over the past 30 years, we've learned that the finest residences do not lend themselves to competitive bidding. Because quality is everything to us, and our clients, we work on a cost plus basis. Pricing on the trade services we perform is directly driven by our labor and material costs plus a fair standard markup. Our in-house millwork shop, finishing shop and full complement of field staff means we are not at the mercy of subcontractors for these key trade services. We control costs by controlling every aspect of the building process. Others may be cheaper, but no one delivers the finest quality at better value for money.

Q: Are there special considerations in terms of materials when building in coastal Florida?

A: Yes, absolutely. While coastal Florida provides a wonderful tropical lifestyle for you, it also comes with rain, sun and salt air that can be punishing to your home. That's why we insist on the best quality materials during construction, and recommend a maintenance schedule in the years ahead. Our Maintenance Division takes pride in preparing a thorough audit of your home's condition, and scheduling regular maintenance on items big and small. Early detection equals lower repair costs in the long term. A home well maintained is a home guaranteed to grow in value.

Q: What really differentiates The Hill Group from other builders?

A: The answer to that question has many parts. Here are some key points:

    Highly accurate layout. This is the critical first step in producing fine finish work. A wall that isn't true can throw off the alignment of moldings in an entire room. A floor that isn't level will have repercussions in time. We take the extra time-and employ the most sophisticated laser layout technology-to ensure that everything we do is level, plumb and true. Because crooked is forever.

    Fine finishing details. We have assembled the finest painters in the region with the ability to match colors precisely. Whatever you can dream up, we have the skill and expertise to deliver: gold leaf, French polish, hand-rubbed lacquer to name a few. Several of our craftsmen are certified Faux Effects© professionals with advanced training in dozens of the most exotic finishes including elephant hide effect and Venetian plaster. We simply invest more in perfection, because we believe it matters.

    Innovative construction techniques. If we think we can find a better way to build something, we develop the skill in house. Our pocket door system is a case in point. Unhappy with pocket door frames from manufacturers, we designed our own. Floating on eight sets of heavy-duty ball bearings, our pocket doors don't rattle, thump or rub. They slide along smooth as silk. Call us obsessive, but we think the little details make a big difference.

Q: You describe your homes as built "strong from top to bottom". What exactly does that entail?

A: We're glad you asked. We don't just accept conventional wisdom. Our concrete work is a perfect example. Reinforced concrete forms the structural skeleton that protects you and your property from the devastating effects of hurricanes. That's why we install sheets of heavy-duty steel roadway mat into the slab to guard against cracks that can come through finished floor surfaces. We recommend solid concrete columns poured into the foundation and continued into the beams above for superior strength and longevity. Compared with rust-prone hollow steel columns disguised inside seamed, split cover columns…well, there's just no comparison. Needless to say, a Hill Group-built home doesn't just meet building codes on structural integrity; it exceeds them.

Q: I love my home's location and don't want to move, but my kitchen and baths could use an update. Can I take advantage of The Hill Group's legendary quality for such a small job?

A: You certainly can. From breathing new life into the gems of Old Riomar to extensively remodeling the classics on John's Island, we do the finest renovation work on the Treasure Coast. Just read what one of our satisfied clients had to say about our work by clicking under the quotation at the top of this page.